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Akrams is one of the finest Kashmiri curry houses in Birmingham offering authentic kashmiri food at affordable prices with a wide range of dishes to choose from. We were excited to get this project as we felt we could really inject our passion into the business and play around with some interesting techniques.


The purpose of this site was to provide customers look for Kashmiri restaurants with a visually capturing experience to  draw them in and bring some business to the company. As you can see from the site itself we wanted to heavily base the design around the Kasmirian cuisine, hence the beautiful paisley pattern featured in the header and the footer.


We also wanted to inject the restaurant  with the feeling generated by the aesthetics of the restaurant itself, this is why we features a blurred out image of the main bar in the background to really make that connection between the customer and Akrams.


This site is built ti be an overall static site in terms of the way it works. It is a place for customers to find and source information & hopefully end up dining a Akrams.


If you are interested in having one of our bespoke websites made just for you, you can get in contact with us, or check out our services first.

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