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Mitch Miller is a new and upcoming artists in the muse industry, The Web Creator recently partnered with Reduxion Records on a project to produce a track for Mitch which has already been a big success amongst his fans. Through this partnership we ended up developing a website for Mitch which is what you see in front of you today.


When designing the website we only had a limited amount of content t go off, but we really took a liking to the main header image used on the site. As you can tell from this image the sites main colour theme followed on from there. The subtle tinted white background sits perfectly with the stunning header and jet black menu making an aesthetically exciting website.


In terms of functionality with this site, it was so much a standard website, it was more of a social media 'hub' where all of Mitch's feeds were brought into one single place to be seen my his fans. We decided to embed three of the main social medias; Twitter, Facebook & Instagram. Two of which took quite a bit of work to get working!


We believe that the design choices and functionality of this site go hand in hand wit the artist, you get a real sense of emotion when looking at the site which is exactly what we were aiming for. Hopefully a site such as this will boost his profile especially with his upcoming appearance on the The Voice UK.


If you are interested in having one of our bespoke websites made just for you, you can get in contact with us, or check out our services first.

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Mitch Miller

A site bring social mediums togerher into one aestetically beautiful place.

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